Amazing repair power

The main reason of achieving amazing repair power is because a strong Aggregation Bond reaction created during the combination of “Waterfowl Keratin” and “Keratin Amino Acid”, as a result, restore hair’s strength up to 140% (Patented Technology).

Enduring hair’s strength by Aggregation Bond

A macromolecular Keratin protein will sustained firmly inside the core of hair by aggregation bonding process. Guard protein loss firmly by replenishing hair’s lipid and warping hair’s surface layer.

Provide admirable shiny feel

Retrieving superior shiny effect by superior restoration from core to layer. Experience an admirable shiny effect from core by improving light reflectance.

Achieving weightless feel and dynamic hair.

Amalgamate 6 types of keratins to restore elasticity and flexibility. Possess with “Strengthen and softness” to achieve a natural weightless and dynamic hair.

First in industry to incorporate “Fullerene” into hair treatment system care!

Removing active oxygen which produced by exposing under UV with world recognized best antioxidants “Fullerene”, it can prevents the progression of damage. Full line up contain Fullerene*.

Patented Technology for hair repairing

Boosting Hair strength and recovering hair healthy by using our patented technology "INKARAMI". Implementing "Fullerene" into hair care which is highly effective technique to repair your dule and fragile hair.

Recognize Your Hair Problem

Recognize Your Scalp Problem

Spa Mist II


∙ 2 programmable presets and manual control
∙ ‘PH’ (Pre-Heating) mode
∙ ‘Keep’ function maintains operating temperature for 20 minutes between clients/treatments
∙ Digital display with treatment time and useful audio-visual feedback
∙ Low mist temperature of 40-50ºC (105-125ºF)
∙ Integrated cooling system
∙ Hood vents for escaping mist and access to head at all times
∙ Integrated water tank for up to 20 treatments
∙ Drain-tank
∙ Smooth-running wheel-base
∙ Detachable power cord
∙ Spring-loaded height-adjustment
∙ Easily moved between clients and styling stations for treatments